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If you have been arrested it is also likely that your home and business premises have been searched, and your property seized. This can cause enormous disruption, financial loss, and damage to reputation.


Someone affected by a search and seizure operation, or arrest and detention, will find but a few firms of solicitors in the UK who have the specialist knowledge to challenge their legality.
A search may be conducted pursuant to a search warrant or under powers that arise when a person is arrested. Once a set of premises is searched this can lead to the seizure of mobile phones, computers and other valuable documents.
The authorities quite often perform unlawful arrests meaning the contingent powers of search and seizure do not lawfully arise, or they may seek a search warrant on a flawed basis. If this is the case, the individual has a variety of remedies available by challenging the misuse, or even abuse of these powers by state agents.
If you feel you have been subjected to an unlawful arrest, or search and seizure operation our team can quickly tell you if those feelings are justified in law, and are able to advise you accordingly of your rights and remedies.


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