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The Wills and Probate team at Haleys Solicitors are here to help you protect your interests and to provide the all-important peace of mind that everything will be taken care of as you wish when you pass away. Planning is essential, and we can assist you with every aspect of Wills, Probate and estate planning to make sure that you are ready for the future.

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We can assist with a wide range of matters relating to wills and probate, including:

– Inheritance planning

– Will writing

– Deeds of variation

– Probate and estates

– Lasting Powers of Attorney

– Wills and Probate

When you pass away, there are various vital duties which need to be completed. The making of a Will is unexceptionally important, not least because it means that your chosen executors are given the responsibility of ensuring the tasks are carried out and that your wishes are respected. It also means that you will not be said to have died intestate. If this happens, it means that the appointment of the administrators of the estate will be decided by the Intestacy Rules. The people administering your estate may not be those who you would have chosen.

If you die without a Will, there is a danger that:

– Your children may be disinherited unintentionally.

– Your spouse might not inherit all that you want them to.

– Your family home may have to be sold.

– No guardian has been appointed for your young children.

– There may be no automatic entitlement for your unmarried partner or example stepchildren or friends.

The legal right to deal with a person’s estate – which includes their possesions, properties and money – upon their death can be applied for via a grant of representation, otherwise known as probate if a Will had been made or a Grant of letters of administration if the person had died intestate, without making a Will. At Haleys, we can provide all of the probate services you require.

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